The Earth Intelligence podcast series will tell the climate resilience and health of Earth systems story of the day, through deep-dive interviews, wonky explorations of science and policy, and also approachable personal stories of exploration, impact, community and solutions.

The Earth Intelligence podcast will begin recording during New York Climate Week, in September 2019, and will cover a wide range of climate-related issues, including:

  • Resilience intelligence and climate-smart finance
  • The emerging International Climate Dividend Alliance
  • Ocean-smart investment across the whole economy
  • Science for Justice, Innovation and Prosperity
  • Education, Communication and Outreach Stakeholders
  • Climate-smart asset building and soil ecology
  • State of the UN Climate Change Negotiations
  • Food-system transformation for planetary and human health

Earth Intelligence will also highlight meaningful and innovative work in film, science, journalism, communications, politics and diplomacy.

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During the COP25, the CCE / Engage4Climate delegation will issue regular reports from the United Nations venue, and invite discussion from r/earthintel and on other social media using hashtags #BluePlanet, #Earthintel, #GrassrootsClimate and #LiveFromCOP25