As a contribution to Mountain Glaciers and Snow Day at the COP25 Cryosphere Pavilion, Citizens’ Climate is joining ICCI to draw connections between climate-regulating ice landscapes and everyday experience.

Although glaciers are found in the most remote parts of our planet, the consequences of their melt are affecting us all, no matter where we live. Learn about connections between human activities and their (anthropogenic) affect on the cryosphere, and about how changes in the cryosphere affect our everyday experience.

This side event will examine the geophysics of ice, related connections to the way we live, and how decisions about policy, finance, and our economic future can be informed by what we know about the cryosphere. Watershed-wide resilience-building efforts are an opportunity to upgrade NDCs, attract investment, and secure a better future for communities, nations, and natural systems.


  • Dr. Heïdi Sevestre, Glaciologist, ICCI
  • Isatis Cintrón, Co-Coordinator Latin America, CCL
  • Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy Director, CCE

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