GCAS: Advancing the Climate-Smart Future of Finance


Resilience Intel working session

  • Title: Advancing the Climate-Smart Future of Finance
  • Description: Multifaceted working session, on climate-smart finance innovation
  • Date/Time: Thursday, September 13, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
  • Registration Page: resilienceintel.eventbrite.com

A working session for the development of the Resilience Intel climate-smart finance information service (ResilienceIntel.org), this event will convene leaders from government, business, climate analytics, policy advocacy and development, and related fields, to explore ways non-federal governments and community-level innovators can effectively design, manage, and deploy climate-smart finance.

This working dialogue will produce new information about an action-specific technical pathway to a 100% climate-smart global financial sector, by 2038 (20 years) — ResilienceIntel.org/ambition

Intended outcomes include:

  1. A new global aggregate of dedicated and catalyzed climate-smart finance;
  2. reporting of new climate-smart budget commitments from non-Party stakeholders at various levels;
  3. newly defined action-steps for private-sector financial institutions to decarbonize future finance commitments;
  4. strategy for smart information sharing related to achieving the 2038 target for 100% climate-smart finance globally;
  5. guiding questions for the 3rd Biennial High-level Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance, at COP24, on economy-wide resilience intelligence.

To reserve your place, please visit resilienceintel.eventbrite.com

This event is also part of the Citizens’ Climate Action Summit, a coordinated grouping of 7 Affiliate Events of the GCAS. For more information about the wider list of events, please visit: ctzn.earth/gcas

Published by: Geoversiv

The Geoversiv Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Foundation exists to support, connect and empower innovative projects oriented toward achieving social good, through promotion of: climate solutions, clean energy innovation and deployment, responsible enterprise, education, peacebuilding, and expansion of the civic space.

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