In support of the critical effort to build a global Resilience Intel collaboration, the Geoversiv Foundation and Citizens’ Climate Education are curating a news magazine on Flipboard called Building Resilience Intelligence ( The purpose of this publication is to collect in one place a wide range of news about breakthroughs toward a climate-smart future economy.


To provide the cultural, financial-sector, scientific, and multidisciplinary context for the Resilience Intel effort itself, this curated news magazine collects and collates the latest updates on renewable energy trends, carbon risk disclosure, climate-smart finance, and technological breakthroughs that will change the way we monitor and understand interactions between vastly diverse kinds of data.

Today’s edition opens with the following headlines:

  1. Satellites that can pinpoint methane and CO2 leakage
  2. Climate emergency: half of Bering Sea ice vanishes in 2 weeks
  3. Awaiting Day Zero: Cape Town faces uncertain water future
  4. Implementing Paris Agreement could save governments US$54 trillion in health care
  5. Climate change is an overwhelming problem. Here are 4 things executives can do today
  6. The Future of (Public) Innovation Labs
  7. Europe sails toward electrified shipping fleets
  8. Macron and Modi kick start International Solar Alliance
  9. With the right investments, solar and wind could meet 80% of US electricity
  10. Jordan selects finalists to bid for 300MW of solar, wind power

Other issues covered include:

  • Breakthroughs in quantum computing
  • High-resolution provenance tracking through distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain), including Sierra Leone’s election
  • Climate-smart finance breakthroughs
  • Totals in climate-related bond issues and other financing
  • New business models for distributed energy and the blue (ocean health) economy

Dig deeper, and the archive starts with:

  • Proton batteries — new competition for lithium-ion
  • Hybrid solar panels that capture energy from raindrops
  • US federal court wants 5-hour climate science primer
  • 20,000 scientists sign “warning to humanity”
  • Sail drones collecting new ocean and climate data
  • The right to best-practice opportunity
  • Why “macro-critical resilience” is the future of finance
  • What a world based on the ACCESS standard looks like

We are moving into a new age of climate-smart finance rooted in a more integrated understanding of the value of Earth systems and generative human interactions. Keep up with all of it at these links:

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  • Building Resilience Intelligence is a complementary publication to the Signals Brief, which is updated regularly at
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